Diamond Jewelry Cleaner

We have heard time and again that diamond is a woman’s best friend. If old sayings die hard then this one is no different. The beauty and sparkle of a diamond are truly unparalleled and cannot be compared to ant other piece of jewelry whatsoever. No wonder then that the glittering stone is one of the most precious possessions of a woman. Since this is so, it is equally important to maintain the quality and beauty of this everlasting piece of article. To assure lasting lifespan of diamond there are certain tips for proper maintenance of the stone with the help of diamond jewelry cleaner. Read on to find more.

Most of the times diamonds are worn throughout the day in the form of finger rings, earrings or pendants. After so much use it is only expected that they are handled with care using commercial diamond jewelry cleaner. While cleaning diamond jewelry it should be noted that use of any harsh chemical or chlorine bleach should be absolutely avoided. For effective cleaning, use mild detergent or a mix of ammonia and water. Avoid touching the diamond jewelry in the centre and handle it with only touching the edges.

There are four methods of cleaning your diamond jewelry. The first is to purchase any diamond jewelry cleaner concentrate and follow the instructions. The second is to use a mild form of detergent. The third is to buy a good ultrasonic diamond jewelry cleaner which is a machine that emits vibratory energy waves into the water or solution producing bubbles that knock against the diamond and cleans it off its dirt. And lastly if these fail, then get in touch with your jeweler and ask for his advice.

One hassle free diamond jewelry cleaning machine is produced by the leading manufacturer, Blitz. The product promises no scrubbing is required and features two levels of speed, the high/clean and the low/rinse and includes two bottles of 4 oz solutions. One is for cleaning diamonds especially. The best feature of the Blitz diamond jewelry cleaner is the twin tank design where you can clean your diamond in one tank and rinse it on another. The product also comes with a dust cover, brush, manual and a polishing mop.