Types Of Ultrasonic Jewerly Cleanes

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are extremely useful gadgets that should be present in every household where knick knacks of every kind are present. These gadgets effectively clean coins, watch bands, key chains and more. Objects that are prone to rust, gather dust, are used only occasionally and are made up of metals can be duly cleaned by ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven to work best with hard jewelries like gold and platinum are not advised for cleaning pearls, opals, emeralds, corals, in other words, soft pieces of jewelry.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners consist of two fundamental components. One is a small motor and the second is a cleaning tank or tray. To use the cleaning mechanism, you have to plug in the electronic device in any socket around your house. Then fill up the tank with lukewarm water or a cleaning agent like detergent, non-ionic substances, or ammonia. Avoid any cleaning solution with bleach or acid that may wear off the item.
Now place the article that you want to clean and turn on the motor. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work through a process called the cavitation procedure whereby more than 40,000 vibrating sound waves are emitted in the water or solution, producing countless number of miniscule bubbles that collide with each other and also with the article and rid them of their dirt. The cavitation process is absolutely best because its vibrating motion enables the liquid to reach places in the item kept inside that other machines fail to reach. When the process is finished, the liquid with all the dirt is replaced with clean water. The item is rinsed again and then towel dried.

There are many brands of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that are compact, portable, come with additional features and accessories and offer great prices too. Two of them are discussed below.

Home Ultrasonic Jewerly Cleaners

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner cleans jewelry items in a few basic steps. First warm water or a cleaning solution is poured to fill up the cleaning tank. Cleaning solutions can be made up of non-ionic, detergents or ammonia. While buying a solution keep in mind that any cleaning agent that consists of acids and bleach should never be used as that can mar the jewelry piece.

Now soak the jewelry piece into the cleaning solution or warm water. When you turn on the machine, the Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner produces 40, 000 sound waves per second which create microscopic bubbles, the process known as cavitation, in which these bubbles collide with one another and with the item. The cavitation process of the Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner effectively penetrates any tiny gap in jewelry that conventional mops and topical cleaners fail to reach.

When the process of cleaning is done with, the motor is turned off and all the dirt slowly settles at the bottom of the tray. Throw away the dirty water and put fresh water. Rinsing the jewelry piece again, you can now dry them with a fresh cloth.

SharperTek Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Watch Dental Silver CD-2800: This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner features an in-built blue light to enable you to see what’s inside, a Wide-Diameter Transducer, a white body with gray border, and a watch holder. The tank is made up of stainless steel and can hold 600 ml of liquid. The SharperTek Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry weighs only 1. 8 pounds with a unit size of 8 x 5.5 x 5 inches. The device comes with a warranty of 1 year and can be fetched for $69. This cleaner cleans almost everything from items of jewelry and watches and articles of daily personal care to eye care.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Mini: To put the shine back into your small handy items buy the Ultrasonic Cleaner Mini today. For small to medium ultrasonic cleaning, this table top model ideal both for home use as well as retail stores. It features a competent solid state circuitry, plastic cover and basket, and a 2 minute auto off timer. The dimensions of the cleaner stand at 7-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 4.9 inches.

Pro Ultrasonic Jewerly Cleaners

Any pro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner includes two basic features called the cleaner tank and the motor. It is the motor that spins to form the vibrating energy for captivation and the cleaner tray on which the article or articles are placed in. Most of the devices use cleaning agents bust some can work with tap water also. With an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you can remove the dirt from discs, necklaces, earrings, rings, watch bands, dentures, combs, tooth brushes, table wares, glasses, contact lens accessories and many more.

Blitz Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine CD-3800 XP Pro Edi: This product cleans jewelry, dental and eye care articles as well as watch accessories. It features a digital display with which you can control the cleaning time, isolated circuit design, wide diameter transducer that prevents spilling, a jewelry holder and a free basket. The ultrasonic frequency is 42,000 Hz with a steel tank capacity of 600 ml. the required power supply is AC 100 to 120V. The Unit Size is 8.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches and weighs 2.7 pound. It comes at around $49.

Sharpertrek Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner CD-7820A CD PRO: This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner features a free CD holder, watch holder and a jewelry basket. There is isolated circuit design, large digital timer screen, wide dipping tub with a silver cleaning plate, and wide diameter transducer. A significantly improved version than its previous two models, the CD 7820A is a much powerful pro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with a tighter lid that reduces the spinning noise, more durable and water resistant. The tank capacity is 750 ml and the unit size is 9.5 x 8 x 7 inches and weighs 2.2 pound. The price is $99.